Meet Oluwapelumi Pheabian Karunwi

The Creative Nigerian Model


Pelumi Phebian Karunwi is an editorial and glamour, parts model

CiTi Bulwark Model Management

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Brief about Her

One unique thing about her is she  doesn’t smile much in her pictures she  has this unique way of being serious during shoots, but in real life she smiles and plays a lot

2 Years of Experience

Know Her Better

My name is Karunwi pheabian Oluwapelumi am 22 am from Osun state I grew up in lagos am a model,scriptwriter and actress

I started my modeling career in 2019 I was discovered by a photographer friend then I practiced taking some shots and focusing on my angles

My creativity comes from the mind I just shade things out of my mind and bring it to reality

I love traveling,meeting new people’s especially people in the modeling industry,and I love reading

I specialize on glamour,editorial and parts modeling (just face)

I believe people just say models are prostitute because it’s not their field they believe once she’s exposing some part of her body it makes her a prostitute but when I hear this I smile and tell them it’s not your field you don’t even know what modeling is all about so I don’t blame them .

The challenges in modeling career in Nigeria is connection you have to know someone that knows someone to become big even with all your skills as

My role model in the modeling industry are Miss Agbani Darego,Tyra banks, Kendall Jenner, mide Adeleke and lots more

I model more for different make ups, brands , fashion designers and hairstylist

My advice to all aspiring models all over the world is to have this strong will that you can be just whatever you want or wherever if you don’t lose hope on your self or listen to the negative things people say about the modeling industry.continue to be consistent and hardworking and you would just shine like a star

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CiTi Bulwark Modelling Academy

Starts Full Modelling Training By April 10

CiTi Bulwark Modeling Agency is here to turn your modeling dream to a career that you can leverage on as a source of income, but before you can be part of the Agency below are few things to consider:

* 3 Months Modelling intensive Training
*Fittness Sessions
*Dance Training
*Make-up Training
*Online Promotions on Blogs and Social Media

All in 1 package with affordable fee

Date: April 10 2021
Time: 10:00am

A G E N C Y: Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos

Training Outfits & what to bring along

– White/Black Tank Top/Camisole/SportBra
– Black Leggings /Blue Skinny Jean
– Stiletto Heels

– Black/White Fitted Top
– Skinny Jeans
– Brogues (Shoes)

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