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Oarabile Is A South African LingeUnderwear Model, social media influencer , Club Host and YouTuber

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Brief About Her

Oarabile Ruth Zanele Selamolela born 2003 January 26
She’s a South African LingeUnderwear Model, social media influencer , Club Host and YouTuber

a girl who’s not afraid to do as she wants, a risk taker

Know Her Better

Hey Oarabile ! Thanks For Taking Time To Chat With Us! Please Briefly Introduce Yourself To The World?

Hello My name is Oarabile Selamolela born 26 January 2003 from Pretoria South Africa She’s just a girl who decided to go for it everything i want i go for it ,She’s a girl who’s not afraid to do as she wants, a risk taker I’m one hell of a confidence person and comfortable in my skin I love embracing my perfect imperfections hence I’m a LingeUnderwear Model

What made you decide to be a model?

When i was in primary I used compare myself to other girls , I was lost in other peoples perfect imperfections I’ll look down on myself the way i walk , how my features were like, how i laughter, how my body ratio was i was never enough i was used to try to be like others so that i can be perfect in other people’s eyes. Until when i was in high school doing grade 11 I found me , i did some introspection and told myself that I’m enough, I’m beautiful and confident, accepting how i was designed and embracing that and that’s how i got interested in becoming a LingeUnderwear Model to embrace my body and love every part of me So not being enough and learning to accept myself the way i am made me because a LingeUnderwear Model

Tell me about a challenge you faced when modeling

They are not that much but approaching brands asking to work with, then being declined also some photographers approaching me as to collaborate then wanting to take nudes which is something I don’t do it’s not my brand that’s the only challenge I’m facing

Are there any types of modeling you wish to avoid?

Nudes , beauty pageants, runway

Who is your favorite model and why?

Naomi Campbells , I love her brown skin and how she nail the runway with her cat walk I love everything about that woman mostly her brown skin

How do you prepare for a new photo shoot?

Schedule a certain day of the shoot , get to the studio getting my make up done , outfit ready to be worn then get on front of the camera and strike some poses

why lingerie and bikini?

Well my brand is all about showing skin and embracing it also for people to understand that being an underwear model it’s definitely not prostitution or being a bitch , hoe on social media it’s all about knowing how a certain outfit will looks like on a black body

Do you have any limitations? Would you model any kind of clothing at all?

Yes cause i also wanna be a fashion model, I’ll so be working with designers and clothing brands to grow my name in fashion modelling

What Is Your Advice To The Female Gender That Want To Start A Modelling Career?

I’ll advise them to be that girl who decided to go for it and not care about what other people will say Cause an opinion you did not ask for it shouldn’t matter

Make A Shout Out To All Your Loved Ones....

Hi mum Thanks for your care and support,prayers,advice. I love you mom


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After then,   Citi bulwark President, Temilade Adeyemo  accredited her and hails her for her creativity  andthe job well-done

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