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The Creative Nigerian Model


Boluwatife is a Runway , Face,Fashion & Commercial Model

CiTi Bulwark Model Management

081 2250 2854

Brief about Her

She started working on herself but didn’t get the full exposure and training she needed not until she  came across citi bulwark model academy

She has learned from the best

Know Her Better

Hey Boluwatife ! Thanks for taking time to chat with us! Please Briefly Introduce yourself to the world?

Hello My name is Boluwatife I am a model from citibulwark model agency I am a face,fashion,runway model

Tell us about your modelling experience?

I hard the drive and the passion because of the kinda shape i got and I thought it will glorify the art world So I started working on myself but didn't get the full exposure and training I needed so I came across citibulwark model academy and them I thought this will be for me,then I joined the class and here I am

what kind of modelling do you want to specialized in?

i specialised and i'm a Runway, Face, Fashion & Commercial modelling

How as CiTi Bulwark Modelling Academy Impacted into your life?

To be honest I only got the surface of what modelling is about but when I joined citibulwark modelling academy My confidence ran from 40% to 100% My self confidence was built up not only in modelling but I applied it to a everyday living

How long Do you wish to remain in the modelling industry? And Why?

If it's possible to be in the industry forever I would and my reason is it that I would make a lot of positive impact in the Industry

Do you think Government Should invest into the modelling industry? If yes/No, Tell us why?

Hmm...yes the government should because modelling is the glorification of art,I think If the government should invest in it the Nigerian model industry will be able to glorify the Africa worth of art internationally

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?

I see my self as a supermodel and has the voice

Who is your role model in the industry and how has the person impacted into your career?

CEO of citibulwark agency Nigeria Temilade Adeyemo known as world best model Because she built my confidence and prepared me for anything that has to do with modelling

What is your advice to the female gender that want to start a Modelling career?

If you have the opportunity to be in citibuwark academy then pls do but if you don't just be careful,don't get into scams there a lot of them out there Be hardworking and don't let sex be your achiever of your goals Be prayerful. Thank you.

Make a shout out to all your loved ones....

Hi mum Thanks for your care and support,prayers,advice. I love you mom

Temilade Adeyemo Talks about nigerian youth Education

Our Youths Has Lost The Power In Education- Temilade Adeyemo

Our youths has lost the power in Education, This day’s Nigerian youths do no longer see the value in education most youths now says (School na Scam) the glory in Education has been burnt away through lack of job opportunities in our society, most youths do not know how to utilize the program they acquired in school
some choose courses that can’t be easily utilized in the labour market expect they work under a ministry whereas the ministry are over populated and are not expanding for fresh intakes, we’re blessed but they’re alot of values that are been burnt away through lack of proper implementation…. God bless Nigeria
Portfolio's Update

CiTi Bulwark is set to update portfolio's for nigeria models

CiTi Bulwark Modeling Agency is here to  help Freelance models, Aspiring models & Models that havent been signed into nay management, update their portfolios on their website, every one and clients to see

All they have to do is to send their their polaroid shoots, photoshoots statistics and social media handles, and also also full name, location, what type of Modelling you do and a brief about them to SPICE  08056446527 on whatsapp

Zainab Okunlola looks stunning
After going through 3 months inetnsive tranning with CiTi Bulwark modelling academy, zainab enterS the studio to showcase her creativity which she has got from her modelling coach *TEMILADE ADEYEMO*

After the  Citi bulwark President, Temilade Adeyemo Announces, accredited her and hails her for the good job well-done


Rainy season in Nigeria is known to be very muddy. Imagine wearing your favorite white jean, ready to slay the day. You step out feeling on top of the world and in just a few moment, rain takes you by surprise and ruins your jean leaving you pissed and dirty throughout the day.

Although in a country like ours, it’s quite difficult to have a whole collection of clothes to wear during the rains because it can still be extremely hot, it’s important to know what to wear to look smart at all times. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your game regardless of the weather.



Stick to dark colors. Wearing bright colors in some cities is probably not the best choice because of the harsh climate. Stay clean all day in darker colored pants with shirts or dresses. Go for black, as it will show little signs of debris. Avoid bright colored shoes too. 



It obvious that the traditional rain boots can look a little awkward on the streets of Nigeria especially as rubber does not breathe as well as other materials such as leather and can leave your feet feeling smelly. Suede isn’t an option as water spoils it. Invest in rubber slippers and sandals this season. However, it helps to stick to covered shoe-styles that are short and sleek to keep the feet out of puddles.



It can be annoying to carry extra luggage around all day, but during the rainy season, an umbrella is your trusted friend. . If you’re trying to add a little class to your outfit, don’t worry a cute umbrella can also be an accessory. You can have a variety or umbrellas to switch up once in a while to suit your outfit.


Trade in soft leather handbags for an all-weather nylon-based satchel, or rather, get a tote bag. It can be canvas, nylon, something in between — it doesn’t have to fully water-repellent, but it shouldn’t shrivel at the first drop of moisture. Tone down the number of metal jewelry to prevent them from rusting quickly.



Wear easily removable warm clothes. We all know in Nigeria, sometimes, during rainy season, it is chilly moments after it has rained but very hot after that so don’t be deceived as to wear warm clothes all day. Long sleeved outfits and light weight sweaters in quick-to-dry materials should be a frequent choice.

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